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    Here it is ! Heads Up brand new EP "HOG" is finally out and available right here. Heads Up is a bunch of 5 immature punkers playing 90's skatepunk music. HOG includes 6 tracks kicking your ass straight out of the gate. And to please your ears, pipes will also make you jump up like a kangaroo in a rage ! Listen to it ! Have fun ! And if you do, grab yours, share it and spread the world.


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released November 7, 2016

Recorded in December 2015 and Mixed by Fab
@Chipolata Framboise Studio

Mastered by Alex
@Les Deux Doigts Dans La Prise

Facebook : www.facebook.com/HEADS-UP-Punkrock
Youtube : www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-TVbo1gjXY



all rights reserved


Heads Up Les Herbiers, France

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Track Name: Everything To Gain

Say what you want
Trust me or not
But you are going wrong
Sitting on the couch
Watching stupid shows
Wrecking your mind
Let’s do something less boring instead

Hey! Look around, you live alone
You’ve got no friends, is your life a happy end?
Stay away, away from the fake
Yeah get away, you have everything to gain

Wasting your time
Is what you do the best
Your life is so sad
Your life is so meaningless
Reality slips on you
And it seems so fade
Let’s do something less boring instead
Track Name: Groezrock Hemorrhoids

I got so many bands to see
The greatest are gathering here
Got my beer and I'm diggin' it
Got my beer and I'm diggin' it
On my way to the market place
Took some french fries hot pepper sauce
Now I'm not hungry anymore
But I got a friend knocking at the door


Now my bum is a battlefield
The more I push, the more it stings
Damn! I can't sit down anymore
So please find me a fucking buoy
Thanks for the ride
You gotta leave
Thanks for the ride
You gotta quit
Thanks for the ride
You gotta leave
Thanks for the ride
You gotta quit
Track Name: Plastic Gun

There’s always a time and place
To sniff cocaine for free
There’s always a shit to say
When nothing matters to me
A president I won’t vote for
I’m not part of riots
Cause I got a beer waiting on the bar

I feel like a teen when I write DIY songs
I feel like Mesrine with a plastic gun in my hand

There’s always a good reason
To avoid the cops by night
There’s always cheese, meat, red wine
On the table, I feel fine
And my neighbor is going nuts
Cause the music is loud
But I don’t hear a fucking word he says
Track Name: May 15th
MAY 15th

May 15th was a red letter day
We drove hours on the highway
But for once I knew why
Gotta meet a bunch of guys

When I met The Decline for sure it was fine
When I met The Decline we had a great time

An interview on the pavement
Pat’s hand in my pants
Australia here we are
Let’s party in the bar

From “We Lied” to “Are you gonna eat that?”
This one-hour show was a blast
“Shit Yeah” is a masterpiece
“Homophobes are gay” is my favorite
Track Name: World Goes Crazy

Turn on your TV
Tell me what you see
The same old story
The world goes crazy
Global warming
Hostage takings
Who’s worrying ?
Richest have never been so rich
Poorest still live in the gutter

World goes crazy
How it used to be ?
World goes crazy
We forgot to live in harmony

Corporate corruption
Endless run to mass-construction
We’d like to understand
We no longer believe in
A peaceful society
We pollute the air and the seas
More taxes, debts and deficits
Track Name: Dear Friends

Dear friends,
You’re kind of dynamite
My strength when days are black
You put the smile on me
When I feel so lonely
No need to talk that much
To show me who you are
Simply enjoy those times
Shared with you guys

I wanna say thank you my friends
You’ve been there again and again
Live through an invisible chain
No one can longer break

Not a matter of big money
Choose quality, not quantity
Something that means so much to me
Kill me if I get rid of it
You are the ones that make me feel
You give me pride and energy
A happy dose of loyalty
So thank you